Quantitative Portfolio Optimisation, customisable long/short position limits. Investment strategy analysis and optimisation. Fund and firm level stress tests. Quantitative risk analysis of equity, commodity, index futures, fixed income, gold, real estate.Fund & Firm level portfolio risk management.

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Real-Time Financial Analytics & Portfolio Optimisation
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Financial Analytics
Standard Premier Professional
Performance & Liquidity Analysis Level 1 Analysis Level 2 Analysis Level 3 Analysis
Portfolio Risk Analysis
Exposure Composition
Portfolio Optimisation *
Optimisation Cap/Floor Spec**
Optimisation Long/Short Spec**
Target P&L Adjustment** -
Custom Risk Specification** - -
Custom Benchmark -
Risk Appetite Analysis -
Portfolio Stress Test -
Detailed Stress Composition - -
Security Foundamentals Analysis - -
Intraday IVaR, MVaR Analysis - -
Portfolio Size Limit 5 15 Unlimited

Product bundle includes selected functions and services of Finnalytics Optimiser™, Finnalytics Manager™ and Finnalytics Stress™ depending on payment package (Standard, Premium, Stress). Click on a package for details.

* Certain services require pre-paid user credits.
**Available quantitative optimisation options.