Quantitative Portfolio Optimisation, customisable long/short position limits. Investment strategy analysis and optimisation. Fund and firm level stress tests. Quantitative risk analysis of equity, commodity, index futures, fixed income, gold, real estate.Fund & Firm level portfolio risk management.

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Real-Time Financial Analytics & Portfolio Optimisation
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What is Finnalytics?

Finnalytics™ is a quantitative-model based financial analytics software platform produced by Finnalytics Ltd. which delivers portfolio optimisation, risk management, stress test and other investment management services. Our office is located in Dalian, China.


What is Finnalytics Optimiser?

Finnalytics Optimier™ 's quantitative models produce an optimal portfolio composition set for the client which achieves specified target return whilst minimising risks.


What is Finnalytics Manager?

Finnalytics Manager™ provides our clients a broad range of portfolio management functionalities that produce multi-level analysis of portfolio exposure composition, risk analysis and fundamental analysis of financial instruments.


What is Finnalytics Stress?

Finnalytics Stress™ assists our clients on evaluating their portfolio with multi-model, multi-level stress tests which enchances performance.


Are Clients Required to Make Capital Investment?

No, you are not required to put in cash capital to become our client and start optimising your portfolio, you simply purchase our software by paying the software license fee.

Do I Need to Pay Management Fee?

No, once the software license fee is paid, no addtional management fee is required.


Do I Need to Make Any Payment?

The Finnalytics™ series analytics software require license fee, this is the only payment you will need to make. Check our products page for product details and benefits.


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

For the safety and ease of online transaction, we currently accepts online payment via PayPal only. We may in the future add more options should there be significant demand from our clients.


I want to know more about Finnalytics

You can contact our customer services at: (+86) 0411-66838253,customerservices@finnalytics.com .