Quantitative Portfolio Optimisation, customisable long/short position limits. Investment strategy analysis and optimisation. Fund and firm level stress tests. Quantitative risk analysis of equity, commodity, index futures, fixed income, gold, real estate.Fund & Firm level portfolio risk management.

Finnalytics Portfolio Optimiser
Notice to Customers
The evidence on Goldman Sachs' patent application 201514697304:A [2015.04.27(details)] which is later than Finnalytics' patent application 2012101266696 [international priority date 2012.04.27 (details)] may further assist customers look into self-claimed anti-corruption Communist China's State Intellectual Property Office's refusal to protect Finnalytics' intelletual property rights.

Customers are also advised that Finnalytics have already obtained intellectual property protection from the United States of America for the following:

  • Finnalytics Portfolio Optimisation Engine (Issued by USA on July 28, 2015)
  • Finnalytics Portfolio Management Engine (Issued by USA on July 29, 2015)
  • Finnalytics Stress Test Engine (Issued by USA on July 29, 2015)
  • And more in 2016, 2017...

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    Finnalytics Portfolio Manager
    Finnalytics Portfolio Manager
    Finnalytics Portfolio Optimisation Engine
  • Multi-Dimensional Composite-Model Engine
  • Customisable Boundary Conditions such as Long/Short and Position Size Limits
  • Quantitative Calculations Deliver Multi-Class Optimal Asset Allocation with Minimal Risk
  • Finnalytics Portfolio Optimiser
    Finnalytics Portfolio Optimiser
    Finnalytics Portfolio Management Engine
  • Firm & Fund Level Portfolio Performance Analysis
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Portfolio Risk Exposure Analysis
  • Portfolio Multi-Level Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Fundamentals Analysis
  • Customisable Analysis Benchmarks
  • Finnalytics Portfolio Stress
    Finnalytics Portfolio Optimiser
    Finnalytics Stress Test Engine
  • Insight on Portfolios with Multi-Level Analysis in addition to Monte Carlo and Historical Tests
  • IVaR & MVaR Analysis
  • Risk Source Identification
  • Stress Tests on Underlyings
  • Customizable Stress Test Input Factors
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