Quantitative Portfolio Optimisation, customisable long/short position limits. Investment strategy analysis and optimisation. Fund and firm level stress tests. Quantitative risk analysis of equity, commodity, index futures, fixed income, gold, real estate.Fund & Firm level portfolio risk management.

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Finnalytics™ engines deliver portfolio analysis & optimisation, risk management, stress test and other investment management software and services with our efficient and effective composite algorithms. Our office is located in Dalian, China.

Investors in emerging markets, especially QFIIs in the Chinese market are experiencing more diversified though volatile market movement, and certainly more challenging opportunities. The accelerating process of decentralising interest rate forming mechanism, increasing quota for QFIIs, coupled with less manipulation on RMB exchange rate, and various Free Trade Zones in mainland China will certainly have profound impact on the mid-to-long term growth prospect of the Chinese and global economy, the new "Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect" mechanism also introduces new opportunities for domestic and foreign investors.

Along with these new developments and opportunities, comes greater market risk. A better understanding and closer look at portfolios that contain investments in such markets as they evolve, sometimes dramatically, is required more than ever before.

The Finnalytics™ engine series software including Finnalytics™ Optimiser, Finnalytics™ Manager, Finnalytics™ Stress and other Finnalytics™ products are specifically tailored for detailed multi-level composite-model analysis and optimisation of such portfolios, helping you better equipped and more adequately prepared for the unforeseen.

Products & Services

Risk Analytics
  • Multi-model risk analysis of equity, commodity, index futures, fixed income, gold, real estate;
  • Fund & Firm level portfolio risk management.

  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Composite-algorithm portfolio optimisation that accommodates user-defined long/short position limits;
  • Investment strategy analysis and optimisation.

  • Portfolio Stress Test
  • Fund and firm level portfolio stress tests.

  • Other Services
  • Fundamentals analysis

  • Finnalytics™ series products are protected by the intellectual property law and other laws applicable.
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